Other channels

Themed channels are for specific kinds of projects. For example, if you want to look for games in the community, you can go to the #games tab.

#games: here you will find many, many types of games — from dodging games to platformers, Crossy Road to Minecraft, and totally original games too.

#art: this is for art made with Hopscotch. You can make art in many ways — out of shapes, images or with the Draw a Trail block (commonly known as ‘trail art’). Hopscotchers have also made many drawing pads.

#movies: this is for any movies, animations and stories coded with Hopscotch.

#websites: This is for all kinds of websites and website templates made in Hopscotch, from informational websites about the environment, to websites about your latest projects. There are scrollable websites, and even projects of real live sites like YouTube and Google! You can check out our videos on websites and scrolling for help with getting started.

#challenges: these are various challenges posted by the Hopscotch community. These can vary from ideas for projects, to small challenges that guide you along the way. If you’re completing a challenge, you can also post it here.

#help: This tab is for getting help and giving help. If you need help with a project, you can publish it here. And if you have a how-to for other Hopscotchers, post it here too!

#wip: WIPs stands for work in progress. This is where you can post drafts, experiments and starter templates from others to build on! Working on projects is so much easier (and fun) when you've got something to work from and you do it a little bit at a time.

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