Remixing is when you add code or a change to someone else’s project. Building on others’ ideas can be really exciting — one of the most satisfying things is seeing how a project grows over time as more and more Hopscotchers add their own unique ideas to it.

It’s also a great way to learn from others’ code. In fact, remixing is core to software development — the Hopscotch Team uses libraries and bits of code written by other people all the time!

To remix a project, just play it and tap Edit. You can add anything you like, and publish it when you’re ready.

If you make any changes to the project and exit, a menu pops up with these options:

  • Publish Remix: The name of the original user will appear in the top right corner of the project when you publish it.
  • Save as Draft: The project will be saved to the Drafts tab of your profile.
  • Discard Changes: Exit back to the community.

The ‘Remixes of My Projects’ tab shows you all the remixes of your projects.

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