Inappropriate content

Hopscotch is a kid-friendly and supportive community, and we have no tolerance for rude behaviour. Here is what isn’t allowed in Hopscotch:

  • Bad words
  • Being mean
  • Sharing personal information
  • Content that isn’t appropriate for kids
    • Poop is okay

If you see anything that shouldn’t be allowed, you can report it to our full-time moderation team. Here’s how to report a project:

  • Play the project and tap the … button in the top left corner
  • Tap Report, and pick a reason as to why you are reporting.

Our moderation team will then check the project, and remove it from the community if it doesn’t meet our guidelines.

If you see an account that is repeatedly making inappropriate projects, or has an inappropriate username, you can notify us directly. Email with the username of the account, and links to their projects or screenshots if possible.

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