Creating student accounts

Hopscotch is pleased to offer *free* classroom accounts! 

Classroom accounts offer two huge advantages to teachers:

1. All student work is published to a private community channel called "My class", making it easy to find and keep track of student projects. This channel is also visible to students in the class. 

2. As the teacher, you will receive a CSV with account credentials (usernames and passwords) that you can distribute to students. We recommend that, for each account, you write down to whom it is assigned so that it's easy to retrieve and reset in the event that a student forgets their username and/or password. 

If you would like a classroom account: please email us with the following information: 

  • Number of classes taught
  • Maximum number of students in a class

We have a ton of free resources for educators, including lesson plans and more on our website:

In addition, your students can use dozens of self-paced video tutorials with a discounted classroom package that includes 30 annual licenses. Each license is a fully unlocked version of Hopscotch, with access to the full library of self-paced videos and unlimited custom objects. 

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